Sunday, February 3, 2008

So much for Continuity

Well, I did plan for it to be a regular blog...
Life got in the way. Got to figure out a way to avoid that. Barring that, avoid life.
Also, lately working on a base gameplay prototype for a realistic tactical space combat game. Halfway between a 3rd person action game and an RTS, mouse controlled, full 3D. Your ship has full six degrees of freedom and an advanced navigation and targeting computer; so does the other guy. Simple point-and-shoot would be stupid, so you have to work with your computer to win. A bit like Go, and a bit like Diablo... maybe. To the best of my knowledge, no one's ever done it this way, so I have to start from scratch. Been trying to work out the mechanics in my head, but mobile intersecting 3D planes of influence make my brain hurt. I'll cut down on the dimensions for a while, put together a 2D version that I can prototype on paper first, and see if it can even work. If it does, I pick a nice free game engine and we go 3D. Then I try to get a lot of people to play it, and if they like it, means there might be a full game in it. We'll see.

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